Selling Mary Kay: 10 Tips for the Independent Beauty Consultant

The subject of selling Mary Kay can stir passion and controversy. Some people love this direct sales opportunity, while other hated it and are bitter about their experience. I have sold Mary Kay products and it was a wonderful experience. My goal was to supplement my family’s income. I focused on earning extra money to give my family and myself the extras we wanted. Here are ten tips that I recommend to anyone thinking about or is currently selling Mary Kay products.
  1. Stay focused on why you want to sell Mary Kay products. Make sure you are not caught up in other people’s agendas. If your goal is to take your family on vacation, buy the kids clothes, or make it a full time business, stay focused on your agenda.

  2. Understand the principle of just-in-time inventory. You want your product to arrive just in time to go out the door to your customer. If you need to take orders and then order product, do it. You can even collect half the money up front, and used it to order product. Yes, your Mary Kay customer will understand. Do not keep a large inventory if you do not have a large customer base.

  3. Have a business plan: Know what you are going to do and when you are going to do it, and how you are going to do it. How many appointments a week; how will you market your business, and how much money will you invest in your business.

  4. Work consistently: Hold appointments, do workshops, promote your web site. Plan and take action.

  5. Learn how to sell: Selling is an art and salesmen are not born. Selling is a skill that you can learn. Discover How to Become a Super Salesperson

  6. Learn how to use all the income earning Mary Kay activities: Sell online, Sell on the Go, Sell in person

  7. Have a business budget: From Day One, know how much money you plan to invest in your business. How much money are you willing to spend to make money. How much on training, gas, marketing, brochures, business cards, samples, etc.

  8. Keep your business money separate from your personal and household money.

  9. Remember this is a business not a sorority. Do not get whipped up into a frenzy and order product because someone else wants to get or keep a car. Just do business to meet your own agenda and you will be happy selling Mary Kay.

  10. Do not measure your ability to succeed by the failure of others. You can get what you want (if you know what you want) from your Mary Kay business.

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