Low Cost Business Ideas:

Businesses You Can Start for a $100 or Less

Low cost business ideas can make big time money. You can work from home and save on overhead, and you do not need a lot of money to get started. Below is a list of businesses you can start for $100 or less. Take the time to do research to determine if one of these low cost business ideas will work in your region. Charge what the market will bare. These are great full time and part time business ideas!

1. Mail Order: You can start your own mail order business. Find a product and start selling. Place ads. Sell online too.

2. Small Business Vacation Fill-In Employee: There are so many small business owners who never take a vacation because there is no one to fill in for them. Many do not need someone to run the entire venture, just be a body to answer a phone and be available if an emergency comes up. You can be that person and roam from business to business filing in for the boss while he or she is away.

3. Boat/Car Detailing: Car owners are fanatics about their vehicles and so are boat and plane owners. Investigate the products and start your own detailing biz.

4. Errand Service: If you’ve organized and detail oriented, start an errand service helping small businesses, business owner, harried single parents and just about anyone else get things done.This one of the best new low cost business ideas.

5. Strong Future International: Strong Future International is a free internet business opportunity, so it definitely qualifies as a low cost business idea. Work at home on the Internet. Free quick courses shows you how. They supply free training to start your business. There is no cost to you. Start part time and make money in your spare time. You can earn commissions on magazines, vitamins, cleaning products, pet products, membership sites and more. They have an extensive training area on their website and you can use this for free to help grow your online business. They also offer the potential to earn residual commissions on any new affiliates you sign up. For more information Click Here

6. Holiday Decorating: If you are handy with decorating, arrange some setups and take photos. Start a websites promoting you holiday service to commercial and residential customers or make appointments to show them your photos.

7. Apartment/House Cleaning Business: This may not sound new or different, but it works. It seems that no matter how many cleaning services pop up, there are always customers to jump on the bandwagon. Once you develop good word of mouth, customers will be calling you.

8. Lawns and Landscapes: Start your own lawn cutting, weed cleanup, plant service. Call other businesses in your area that offer these services and see what they change. Develop your plan of action.

9. Delivery Service: There are many stores ranging from supermarkets to nurseries that do not offer delivery service. They are losing customers by not providing this. You come in and offer to do the job with your delivery service. Having a van or truck is the key to success.

10. Site Build It 5 Pillar Affiliate Program: There’s no other affiliate program on the planet with the kind of proprietary technology, generous commissions, and OVER delivering products that SiteSell offers. You will not have to worry about inventory, shipping products or complaints. It is free to join and the training and support is great. For more information click here.

11. Move in Service: If you have ever moved you know how tough it is to move in and clean up in just a couple of days. You can start a business offering to do the cleaning before folks move in; see if you can tie in with a couple of moving companies who would help you promote this business.

12. Inventory Service: How many times have you or a friend said, “Wow I have to make a list of what’s in my home/apartment for insurance purposes in case there is ever a fire or robbery.” Who has the time to do it? Start your inventory service and market it to residential and commercial customers. A laptop would be a big help and a digital camera, but start small and build you business.

13. Start a Website: Go online and start learning how to build a website. Once you have it, you can sell things from it or just run interesting information and carry ads from others. If you can build a great audience, business will to advertise on your site.

14. Junk Removal: A lot of people have junk and “stuff” in their homes and yards but can not cart it away. They do not have a pickup or the discipline to get the job done. You can do it for them. Call the local dump/recycling center and set up a schedule for pick up.

15. Parking Lot Pick Up: you contact local businesses and offer to clean their packing lots at night/weekends. Charge for the lot or by the hour. All you need is a broom and some garbage bags to get started with this great low cost business idea.

16. Pet Walker: All you need is a love of animals and a good reputation to start this and other pet related low cost business ideas. Charge by the visit.

17. Assembly Service:Some people love to shop but hate to cart thing home that are not already assembled. You start the business and ask local businesses to distribute your business card.

18. Sell Goods Online: Do not think you can not make a mint doing this. You just need to follow through. Be a good seller, develop great feedback and ship right away. Look around you. There are great things to sell. Visit Ebay.com and start doing research.

19. Meal Delivery: Plenty of people would pay to have the local fast food place, the local sandwich place or restaurant deliver a lunch or dinner. You can do it. Investigate good heaters and/or coolers to be state of the art or pack the meals in insulated bags.

You do not have to have a lot of money to start one of these low cost business ideas. You can start part time and add hundreds of dollars to your monthly income, and over time turn it into a full time business.

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