List of Small Business Ideas That Can Put Money in Your Pocket

Below is a list of small business ideas for your review. However, before you review the list please complete the following exercise.

1.Make a list of all jobs you have held, and include what you liked and disliked about each one.

2.Make a list of things that really interest you, including hobbies, volunteer work, passions, and include people places and things you have studied.

3.After you have completed this exercise, review the list below and these other lists on this site.

4.Pick out the ideas that appeal to you and make a new list of small business ideas tailored to your experience, interest, hobbies and passions.

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List of Small Business Ideas for Your Review

Entertainment Agency

There are a lot of new up and coming groups, singers and comedians, magicians and specialty acts. You would go and see them perform and if they are good could help them find work at private parties, coffee shops, birthday parties and any other events where people come together to have a good time. You would keep in regular contact with you acts, be will organized and have a good knowledge of events, clubs, and other venues. Your commission should be about 15% of the artist fee.

Celebrity Personal Assistant

Many celebrities do not have the time to run their own lives. Motivational speakers, athletes, gospel singers, and music artist all need help Click Here to Discover How to Become a Celebrity Personal Assistant

Breed and Sell Freshwater Fish

Fish are in high demand. Many people and businesses have small fish tanks. You could supply pet shops. Feeding them is easy and you can learn everything you need to know from books, which you find at your local library or the net. Cost is minimal once you have a few. It will take a little while to be established the money will come pouring in. You will need to find suitable publications to advertise.

Breed and Sell Hamsters

Hamsters are very popular as pets and pet shops will become a good source of income. Check will state offices for requirements for breeding hamsters. Always ensure that three are no cruelty to the animals. Consult an expert in the field with regard to breeding, feeding and housing these animals. Before you start check the marketing your area. Look for customers on Craig’s list. Many pet stores already have a supplier but check with pet stores also. Advertise in classifieds and children’s magazines.

Yard Sales

You sell the household goods and clothing of people who are too busy or do not want to go through the process of holding their own yard sales. Yard sales can run one, two or three days.

Install and Care for Plants in Offices

Install and care for plants. You can advertise through direct mail and calls to and on businesses. It will cost about $400 to $600 to get started.

Clean and Repair Blinds and Shades

Cleaning and Repairing blinds and shade is an extra expense that regular housecleaning services provide for extra, and they do not do repairs. You will advertise in local papers and yellow pages. You can start for about $300 to $900.

Child Day Care

You would take care of children in your home. You must check with your state laws about day care. Some states limit the number of child you baby-sit in your home at one time. In New Jersey, you cannot have more than 5 children at one time. If you can baby-sit on the weekend or at odd hours, you will have a great business. Click Here to Discover How to Become a Daycare Owner

Products for Children

A home business can produce many items for children, such as toys, children’s furniture, scrapbooks, clothing for special events, christening out fits, first communion outfits, bat and bar mitzvah outfits.

Window Cleaning Service

Clean windows are something that everyone likes, but no one wants to do. All you need is a ladder, bucket, soaps and cleaning tools. Just offer your services to single story homes in your vicinity and charge a reasonable fee per windows. You will be amazed how many people will want their windows clean.

If this list of small business ideas did not appeal to you, and you are a person that likes or needs to be on the go, review these mobile business ideas.

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