Ten Direct Selling Tips to Improve Your Sales

Here are the best direct selling tips to get you started on you way to the level of professionalism that will increase your sales and fun. Maintaining a level of professionalism will help you sell more, and as your sales increase you learn how to find the best people to sell to, you learn to qualify your prospects quickly and smoothly, you recognize buying signs and you enjoy all of it.

Be Prepared

Before you go out to make a sales presentation, you must prepare yourself mentally and physically. Dress appropriately. Give yourself an attitude check. Clear your mind of everything except the presentation you are going to give. Review notes or information that may be vital within a few hours of meeting with your prospects. Doing your homework is one of the essential direct selling tips that will help you pass the test every time. People want to do business with professionals.

Make a Good First Impression

Overcoming a bad first impression is all most impossible, you will never hear how someone made a bad first impression and then went onto make a big sale or land a major account. No matter what you sell or who you prospect is making a good first impression is important. Going in confident and handling, the initial rapport-setting stage properly goes a long way toward getting a sale.

The Most Important of the Direct Selling Tips: Determine Quickly Whether You Can Help Your Prospect

By asking a few simple questions, you can determine quickly if the person you are meeting with is right for your offering. By doing this you maximize your efforts by only continuing presentations only with someone who can make a decision. Making a quick determination also shows the other person the courtesy of not wanting to waste his or her time with detailed information that is of no benefit to him or her.

Give Every Presentation All You’ve Got

Never underestimate your prospect. If you do, you are showing a lack of respect for him or her, because it will eventually become clear, and when it does, you will lose whatever ground you just gained towards a sale. Do not take short cuts.

By making the presentation as if it is the most important thing in your life at that moment, you are showing the decision-makers that you are sincere about their needs and that they are important to you. People will usually be what you expect them to be, so expect your prospect to be vital to your overall success in life, and treat them with the proper amount of respect.

Address Your Prospects Concern Completely

When your prospect voices concerns about something, pause, think about what was said or what you may have done to trigger the comment. Then carefully and thoughtfully address the concern. What I understand from your comment, Mary, is that you are concerned about animal testing, is that correct? If it is, I assure you that our cosmetic company does no animal testing. To drive home the point, give the prospect a copy of any company documentation that addresses the concern.

Confirm Everything

Miscommunication costs people lots of money, time and effort every year. Missed appointments, flights, or phone calls can destroy in minutes what may have taken days or weeks to build. Inattention to details, wrong orders and wrong people handling important task takes it toll as well. Taking just a few minutes to confirm and reconfirm everything will bring you more success.

Ask for the Decision

This is a crucial direct selling tip. This is your goal, if you believe that your offer will benefit your prospect, ask for the decision. You have nothing to lose by asking your prospect for a decision. If he or she is not ready to make a decision and that is what you find out by asking, great. However, if he or she is ready to make a decision and you do not ask, you lose everything. If you believe in the good of your product or service, you should not be afraid to ask the other party to commit his or her time, money, effort to your product, service or cause.

Hesitating to ask for the sale is an indication of doubt, and as the person in the persuader’s seat you should not be the one having doubts.

Tell Your Prospects about Others

Not many people want to be guinea pigs. They do not want to be the first to try something; they want to know that others have preceded them. By sharing experiences, you have had with others just like them, others who have bought your product or service or are committed to the same project you give your prospects permission to be like those other s and invest in what you are selling.

They will recognize the landscape and understand that they are not going into uncharted waters. Overcoming the fears of your prospects will take you far in convincing or persuading people, especially if you can use examples of people they know.

Work at it Constantly

The most successfully people in the world rarely take time off from what makes them successful. This does not mean that you should become a workaholic, but one can certainly think about new strategies, new ideas and new people to contact. Even when you are lying on a beach somewhere for a well deserved rest.

By living and breathing what you believe in the most, the best ideas will be drawn to you. You will constantly have your antenna up and tuning into the best direct selling tips for you.

Be a Product of the Product

If you believe in what you are doing, you must personally be a part of it. If you are selling, color- cosmetics do not be caught without your lipstick.

If you sell home security systems, you had better have one in your home. If you market freelance graphic design, your business card had better be creative.

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