Direct Sales Tips for For Beginners

Follow these direct sales tips and you cannot go wrong. Directing selling is part science and part art. There is a formula for selling your product or service. You can make a good part-time income in direct sales, but you must know how sales activities flow.

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My Direct Sales Tips

• Obtain knowledge: Learn about your product or service, your company, your competition, your industry and your prospect.

• Target your prospect: Generate lists of qualified leads using everything from cross directories to Securities and Exchange Reports, from local newspapers to the rosters of social organizations.

• Find the yes person: Whether you sell to large corporations or families of four, uncover the person who has both the need for your product and the authority to pay for it.

• Get an appointment: Develop cold-calling techniques that will get you in the door to meet, face to face, with the yes person.

• Plan your presentation: Use your research skills to learn as much specific information as you can about the prospect and his needs. Tailor your presentation to how your product or service can help fulfill those needs.

• Present your goods or services: During a face-to-face meeting, use strategic questioning to help your prospect define his business needs. Explain how your product can fulfill those needs.

• Close: Reach an agreement with the customer wherein he decides he wants to buy your product or service and you want to sell it to him.

• Generate referrals: Encourage satisfied customers to refer you to others who need your product or service.

• Follow up: Check back with your customer after she has purchased your product to make sure it is performing to her satisfaction.

Direct selling is not easy work, and you will not get rich quick, but it is flexible and made to be a home based business.

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